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When night falls we go out to discover the darkest parts of Edinburgh’s past

Come with us to discover the creepy past of this marvellous city, and its history of witchery, plague, bodysnatching and assassinations that will make you see Edinburgh in a different light.

"Graeme was excellent, very knowledgeable and engaging. Highly recommended this tour of Edinburgh"


TripAdvisor (Nov. 20)

"Fraser the guide was really cool and knowledgeable and took us through the hidden stories of the amazing Edinburgh"


TripAdvisor (Oct. 20)

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Tour Description

Edinburgh's dark past is nowadays difficult to imagine, but these cobbled streets were once one of the most inhospitable places on the Earth.

In the Ghost Tour we don't go to anywhere underground as we believe that this would not significantly improve the quality of the tour, but would greatly increase our costs and the cost to you.

Our Ghost Tours takes you through different parts of the Old Town, visiting graveyards and dark alleyways, to give the perfect atmosphere for this tour.

Edinburgh Close in the Old Town
Edinburgh Close in the Old Town
Edinburgh Old Town's Close
Graveyard in Edinburgh
Grave in Edinburgh

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