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About the tours

Do our tours run every day?
The tours run every day and in all weather conditions.
Where do the tours start?

All our FREE Tours start on the Royal Mile, just in front of a restaurant called The Royal McGregor, located at 154 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QS. Get directions here.

The Pub Crawl starts at The Tron, a pub located at 9 Hunter Square, Edinburgh, EH1 1QW. Get directions here.

How do I recognize the guide?
Look for the yellow umbrellas at our meeting point on The Royal Mile. Our staff will be there wearing a yellow jacket with the City Explorers logo.
Where do the tours end?

Different guides like different routes, and so there is no single finishing point for the FREE tours. However, with all our tours you will find it is only a short walk back to the start point from the end. The guide will be more than happy to give you directions back to the Royal Mile, or wherever else in Edinburgh you need to go.

The Pub Crawl ends in one of the best nightclubs in Edinburgh’s Old Town. We go to different clubs on different nights to give you the best possible experience of Edinburgh’s nightlife. While the crawl ends around 0.30am, you can stay in the club until closing time, usually at 3am.

How long do the FREE tours last?

While the actual length depends on each tour, the tour guide and the desires of the group, these are the approximate times:

  • Free Tour: 2 hours
  • Free Ghost Tour: 1.5 hours
  • Free New Town Tour: 2 hours
  • Free Harry Potter Tour: 1.5 hour
Why are the tours free?
These tours are free as there isn't an upfront cost, but the tour guides work exclusively on tips, so donations at the end are appreciated.
Which languages are the tours offered in?
All our tours run separately in both English and Spanish, led by a tour guide who is a native speaker in the language.
Is the FREE Ghost Tour suitable for children?
Yes, children are welcome and they usually have a great time on the FREE Ghost Tour.
Are the routes on the FREE Tours suitable for disabled people?
Mostly, yes. But, depending on the specific route followed by each tour guide, it could contain architectural barriers. Please let us know about your needs and the date and time you are planning to come and we will happily design an alternative route, maintaining all of the tour’s essence.
Are pets allowed on the FREE Tours?
Yes, your pet is welcome on our FREE Tours. We would just ask you to keep your pet under control and try to ensure its good behaviour.

About bookings

Are the FREE tours suitable for groups?

Groups of up to 14 people are welcome to any of the FREE tours. Groups of more than 14 people should book a private tour. You can find more information here.

Bookings made by a group of more than 14 people, even when they are processed separately, will not be accepted at the tour start point.

Is the pub crawl suitable for groups?

Groups of any size are welcome to the pub crawl.

For groups of 20 or more people, private pub crawls are available. More information here.

Do I need to book a space for the FREE tours?
Just showing up at the start point is fine in most cases. However, we would recommend booking online as, on days of high demand, if tours reach their capacity guests with a booking will have priority.
How can I join the tour if I don’t have a booking?
You just need to come to the start point at the scheduled time.
What time do I need to be at the meeting point?

We recommend coming 10 minutes before the scheduled tour departure time, as it gives us time to get organized.

Also,on busy days, if the tours reach capacity, the spaces are filled on a first-come first-served basis.