How to Get from the Airport to Edinburgh City Centre

What is the best way to get to Edinburgh City Centre from Edinburgh Airport?

1. Bus

Bus 100 Airlink

You can travel from the airport easily, by using the Airlink 100 Express Bus, the most direct route to the city centre, terminating at Waverley Bridge. Your journey will take about 25 minutes, as it is an express route, only stopping at limited locations, including Princes Street and Haymarket.

Airlink Bus 100 tariffs:

Airlink Bus 100 tariffs:

Adult: £4.50 single/ £7.50 open return

Child (5-15 years): £2 single/ £3 open return

You can purchase tickets at the airport from a counter next to the bus stop, or on board from the driver at any other stop. Unlike the other Lothian Buses, drivers are able to give back change if required. You also have the option of purchasing an open return ticket for this service, valid for use on different days.

This bus runs 24 hours a day, but is less frequent through the night (0.00-4.30am)

Bus to Edinburgh Airport

Other airport bus services

You can also use the two other airport bus services, the Skylink 200 and Skylink 300, which connect the airport to other areas of Edinburgh; the 200 covers North Edinburgh, and the 300 covers West Edinburgh, both terminating in Leith. You will pay the same fare as the Airlink 100, but these routes operate only during the day, from 6am until midnight.

At night, you can take the N22 bus from the airport to the city centre, and to Leith, operating between 0.00-4.15am. As this is not a designated airport bus, you will pay the same as the other night buses (£3.50), and it is not an express route, so your journey will take longer than the other services.

Buses in Edinburgh

2. Tram

You can travel around in Edinburgh by using the tram line, which connects the airport to the city centre, with stops along Princes Street before its terminus on York Place.


The first tram leaves the city centre at 5.30am every day, and the first departing from the airport leaves at 6.15am.

You can catch the tram every ten minutes before 7am, every seven minutes between 7am and 7pm, and every ten minutes again after 7pm.

The last tram of the day from the city centre is at 11.30 pm, and the last leaving from the airport is at 10.48pm. You will still find services leaving the airport after this time, however they terminate at Edinburgh Gateway, which is still quite far from the city centre, so you are advised to use alternative transportation if you are arriving late at night.

Tram in Edinburgh

Buying tickets

All tram stops in Edinburgh have ticket machines in the platform, where you can buy single, return or day tickets.

Edinburgh Tram Tariffs

Single ticket

Adult: £6.50

Child (5-15 years): £3.30

Return tickets

Adult: £9

Child (5-15 years): £4.80

Day ticket

*Also valid on Lothian Bus services

Adult: £10

Child (5-15 years): £5

You should pay with the exact fare if possible, as the machines don’t give back change, and they accept 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins. Transactions of more than £3 can be paid by card.

You can also purchase tickets in advance online or using the Transport for Edinburgh mobile app.

You must use your tickets within 30 minutes of purchase, validation of a smartcard pass, or activation on the app.

If you board the tram without a ticket, you can still buy one from the conductor, but you will have to pay the £10 on-board fee, so it’s best to remember to pre-purchase your tickets.

Edinburgh tram

3. Taxi

You can travel from Edinburgh city centre to the airport by taxi in around 30 minutes, and it costs £20 each way, but some companies will offer a discount for a return trip.

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