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The Meadows

7 Free Things to do when it’s Sunny

Take a look at this list of seven great ways to enjoy the sunshine in Edinburgh. Here are a few ideas of what you can get up to in Edinburgh when the sun comes out.
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Festival in Edinburgh

An LGBT+ Guide to Edinburgh

A quick guide to Edinburgh for LGBT+ people, telling you about both well-known gay areas and more niche queer friendly places. From bookshops to club nights, from drag shows to historical sites.
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Edinburgh University

Edinburgh and Science

The Edinburgh Science Festival runs every year in Edinburgh, but its connections to science go back way further. Some of the greatest and most influential minds in science have walked these streets.
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Thomas Ridell Grave

Fan Guide to Harry Potter in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is rather proud of its deep connection to ‘The Boy Who Lived’. However, perhaps even greater than the impact of Rowling on Edinburgh is the impact of Edinburgh on Harry Potter.
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Princes Street Gardens

The Hidden History of Princes Street Gardens

Princes Street Gardens are an iconic piece of the Edinburgh scenery. However, beneath their leafy beauty lies a less obvious, and sometimes quite unpleasant, history.
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Sustainable Tourism: How to make a positive impact when travelling

How can we continue to travel, explore, and experience other parts of the world, while ensuring we make only a positive impact on these places?
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